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January 2019

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 Application to join the guild - Chuu

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PostSubject: Application to join the guild - Chuu   Wed 29 May - 22:50

Hello everybody. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about me and my main bounce

IGN: Chuu
Class: Mage Ice/Light
Level: 90
RLN: Janine but call me Jean Very Happy
Age: 29
Country: Germany
Gender : Female

How did you hear about Dalmasca? Bas asked me to join the guild ingame cheers
Did you notice us somewhere else?: No, i just came back to the game 5 Days ago
Who do you know in the guild? : Bas and i saw Kaiser too
Why do you want to join Dalmasca?: Sounds after a nice guild with nice and helpful people
Why do you think we should invite you?: Oh thats easy, I´m nice and helpful too tongue
What do you expect from us?: Phew good question. I would like to have a good gaming atmosphäre and tons of lovely people
Which guilds have you been in before and why did you leave them?: At least i have been in the guild Lessing. It was a nice and active guild but when i came back after 2 years it seems to be everybody quitted.
List past guild leaders: ^^ i forgot the name (long long time ago)

What's your goal in MapleStory?: Have fun and reach the highest lvl i can
Do you have any other characters that we might know?: No, all my other Characters are low lvl!
When did you start playing MapleStory?: Around 8 Years Ago at Maple Sea till they closed it for Europe gamers
How often are you online?: As often as i can Wink

Give yourself points from 0 to 5 (5 being high, 0 being low) at the following things:
Training speed: 3 (i love doing quests but hunting monsters at my would be more effective...i know Wink )
Equips: 3 ( 2 years ago i had some good equip but know i have to think over it and get some newer stuff)
Maple knowledge: 2 ( it changed so many in those 2 years and sometimes i feel a bit lost)
Talkativness: 3
Cash Shoppy: 3 (i´ve to be in the mood for it)


Hacking?: Useless in my opinion, what you playing that game for if you did nothing by yourself
Glitching?: Whats that ? ^^
KSing?: Its nerving me if someone is doing it so i dont do it
Scamming?: Its stupid and im not doing that
Helping a guildie with a quest for an hour or two?: Sure if i got time for Wink
Tell us something about you :3 : I paused 2 years ago and came back to the game 5 days ago. A lot of changed for me in the game and i got a lot unanswered questions but i will try to do my best to lvl as fast as it is possible for me and my time. Very Happy
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Application to join the guild - Chuu
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